Bake the Cocoa Cookie with Lola


Join Lola and learn to make your own cocoa cookie! The main ingredient is our very own cocoa from Trinidad and Tobago. You get to sing along with Lola while she mixes the batter and bakes the cookie, but don’t get caught up in the rhythm and forget to put the cocoa in!

Being in the kitchen is great for children because cooking helps them develop in several areas:

  • Social-emotional: Hands-on cooking activities helps them develop confidence and skill.
  • Physical: Fine-motor and eye-hand coordination skills are developed when children mix and stir.
  • Cognitive: Children get the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have when they count, measure, follow a sequence, follow directions, and observe cause and effect while cooking.
  • Language: Cooking presents an opportunity for children to develop language by linking it to other disciplines such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Literacy. When children talk about what they are doing, count as they measure, and watch ingredients change colour and texture, they learn to express themselves verbally.

So get your mixing bowl and ingredients and Bake the Cocoa Cookie with Lola!

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