In a nutshell, The Caribbean Insight Shopping Hub is a multi vendor marketplace containing offerings from multiple sellers (vendors, suppliers).

All suppliers pay a monthly fee for selling on the marketplace and they have their own seller accounts where they manage their inventory themselves.

To the difference with brick-and-mortar malls, our vendor marketplace can boast a variety of product types and use cases, and there are unlimited product uploads.

We ensure hassle-free entry for vendors. Our platform is easy to use, easier to manage and affordable to small or medium sized enterprises.

The Caribbean Insight Shopping Hub is a multi-vendor marketplace, where business owners can manage and sell their own products. Vendors can:

  • control their public profile
  • manage their products
  • view and manage their orders
  • sell physical and/or digital products as well as time-based bookings
  • receive payouts

Vendors can register and/or apply by filling out a registration form expressing their interest in selling the platform and they can be accepted and approved on a per application basis.

Vendor Pricing;

1. $199 / Month – Yearly
2. $299 / Month



At Caribbean Insight, we give pre-eminence to views and perspectives by avoiding the fashionable trend of spreading every trivial bit of information. Alert to the consequences of catering to a reduced clientele, we are confident that a sizeable market for our exciting product exists.

We plan to reach the validating elites by entertaining the over thirty crowd. We also aim to target key decision makers in the highly competitive media market. ‘Caribbean’ describes a platform tailored to the entire Anglophone region, with three (3) key objectives being:

(1) To share our Caribbean views

(2) To inform the diaspora, as well as the aspiring tourist

(3) To inform the world that there is a distinct Caribbean flavour that can be displayed on the constantly evolving world stage


Caribbean Insight Magazine (CIM) was conceptualized in 2008 and eventually birthed in early 2014. The CIM is part of the Charizo Consulting Group Limited which also has a focus on eco-tourism, HR Development, and Oilfield Production systems.

Established as a web magazine, there was a brief detour into print in 2017. However we are back to our original intent, which is providing an online platform for extraordinary content.


We have a vibrant and diverse team, carefully chosen to lead us in the 21st century.

Errol Blake – Founder and Publisher

Paradox Studios TT – Website design and collaborator

Contributors – a constantly evolving mix, from the early days of Tony Fraser to the current crop, including Erline Andrews and Shiva Gosine

Paradox Studios TT – Social Media Marketing

Shadee Osbourne – Sales Associate


Caribbean Insight Magazine is an online publication that is attractive to professionals and key decision makers. While we mainly have written content at present, our intent is to continuously produce podcasts and videos for sharing to a wider audience, thus providing the incremental exposure desired by our business partners.